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Macaron Love

Macaroons or Macaron - both are correct. One is the English way and the other French.
Macaron is a French/ Italian (origins are a bit confusing) delicacy, that is light, soft and creamy on the inside but crispy/ biscotti - like on the outside. It comes in different flavors and colors and is usually enjoyed during tea time.

Ingredients of a Macaron
The Macaron shells are made up of food coloring, ground almond (or almond powder), granulated sugar, icing sugar, and egg whites. The filling are of jam, buttercream, or ganache.

Laduree, the Parisian luxury pastry shop, invented the double decker macaron and the most famous Mickey Mouse Macaron.

The Mickey Mouse Macaron was made from three separate pastries: a large raspberry macaron for the head and smaller chocolate and vanilla macarons for the ears.

Another famous Parisian pastry chef, who is known for his exotic and bizarre flavor combination of macarons is Pierre Herme (who can make an olive oil and vanilla combination macaron?!)

(I love these different shaped Macarons with charms - Pierre Herme)

I particularly have only tried Fauchon in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, which I love and find extremely chic for chocolates, pastries, macaroons, breads and French cuisine (I love gifting people Fauchon), however I must visit the Laduree in Dubai Mall.

Locations in Dubai, UAE
Pierre Herme is located on the ground floor of Galleries Lafayette, Dubai Mall - it's a small yet stylish kiosk.
Laduree is located on Level 1, next to the Fashion Avenue, in Dubai Mall - it's a cafe and is an outlet by itself (+9714 339 8520)
Fauchon is located in the Fashion Dome section of Mall of the Emirates, Dubai on the ground floor (+9714 399 0289)

Fauchon In Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Pierre Herme in Dubai

Macaron inspired Fashion

Macaron Bag by Kenzo

Macaron Trinket Box by The Two's Company

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  1. Great! Love macarons! Nice blog!

  2. macaroons are a great way to bring some color to your dessert bar!
    first time here and leavinga link back to our blog Aalayam


    1. That's right, it's practical & yummy!
      Nishka xx

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