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Why Lebua, Bangkok?

Travelling in Bangkok is easy and economical - you can either take a Taxi or a Tuk Tuk (Beware of the Tuk Tuk drivers for over pricing or taking longer routes!)

We were in Bangkok for just 2 days before heading to Hua Hin and honestly, Bangkok is a busy busy city - lots happening, quite crowded, has an '"interesting" night life and there is lot's to see.

Starting with the hotel, we stayed at the Lebua at State Tower and absolutely loved it (not because it reminded us of Hangover), but the service is exceptional for Bangkok standards, rooms are spacious, value for money and the breakfast has a wide variety from different cuisines. However, the 2 days we were there, there was a queue for the breakfast as the hotel was full at the time and I'm guessing that's the way it is all year round. (I guess it also tells you how delicious their spread was)

The best part is Sky Bar right at the top floor with amazing views of the entire city and you will surely find the most elite crowd, so do dress up a bit and don't end up in your shorts (Bangkok Style)!

Lastly, the hotel has great dining out venues to chose from although, remember, this is not your regular hotel, it's a luxury 5 star hotel and hence, look presentable!

Website - and Enjoy!

Sky Bar at the Lebua at State Tower Hotel


Things to do in Barcelona

To sum up my previous posts, there's lots to do in vibrant Barcelona and following are some of the to dos for a short trip:

  • Visit the Sagrada Familia - purchase tickets much in advance
  • Take a wine tour - this is anywhere in Spain, surely try the Spanish wine/ cava
  • Have a meal and take a stroll down Las Ramblas
  • Pick on bruschetta or pintxos 
  • Visit Museu Picasso - know everything about the brilliant artist and his growing up days in this little city.
  • Around Museu Picasso is a small chocolate factory, not a lot of people know about it but it surely is a must visit to purchase raw chocolate and see it in various artistic forms.
  • Take a stroll down the Gothic Quarter and have a meal at the little Spanish cafes in the gothic - like lanes
  • Don't forget Mango, Zara and some other high street brands originate from Spain - need I say more?
  • Take a walk down the Eixample area, or must I say Gaixample (that's the nickname and you know why).
  • Walk down Port Olimpic and SURELY have a meal at one of the restaurants or lounges, great music, street parties, superb buzz in the area.
  • Visit the Montserrat - we never got the time but everyone kept saying how beautiful it is. (Again, plan a trip in advance from one of the city tour buses, we couldn't make it because not only were we short on time, but all the trips were fully booked)/
  • Lastly, with all this walking, don't forget to take a Spanish siesta in the afternoons!

Museo Picasso

Chocolate art - there's a reason why one must visit the chocolate factory!

All in White Chocolate - YUM!

Chocolate Factory, Barcelona

It's not just white & brown! 


Port Olimpic, Barcelona

looking for Chocolate Factory...