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New Build Homes Can Be Stylish

New build homes are a great option if you’re looking for a manageable and affordable property. However, there is an unfair assumption that new build homes are less stylish than other properties, that their designs are too similar and uninspired and so on. This is not the case, at least not any more. Designers are taking steps towards creating new build homes that are not only affordable, but stylish and innovative too.

Some of these new build homes go beyond simple aesthetic; not only do they look good, but they’re also eco-friendly, meaning the properties have ever more benefits. You can find home designs with fitted underfloor heating, double glazing as standard and efficient boilers in order to help you conserve energy usage. In fact, you’ll find that most new build designs are attempting to integrate environmentally conscious fixtures and appliances whist remaining fashionable and contemporary in appearance. For many, this will be the icing on the cake.

Take a Tour inside this Eco-friendly & Stylish New Build here

As for the designs themselves, there’s a lot of diversity and interesting ideas helping to shape the industry as it stands today. 

Open plan, classic, modern, everyone has a different idea in mind for their home but it’s not always so easy to get it, especially if you’re on a budget. In the current market, this is no longer the case. Many interested customers will find that there are plenty of companies that specialise in designing properties to that of the customer’s specifications. Customers can oversee the development of their home and ensure it turns out just the way they want it, a strong draw for many and a sign  that you no longer have to settle for less. This is easily the best way to get the stylish property you’ve been longing for: you’re no longer dependent on pre-existing properties and there’ll be no concerns about renovation or redecorating.

For some, however, a pre-existing new build property will have its own advantages. Nowadays, there is more of an emphasis on light and space in new build homes in a bid to cast away the old perception of properties like this being too small and poorly lit. Add these new design choices with the typically simplistic (but not unattractive) layout of new build homes and you’re left with a blank slate to do with as you see fit. This has been one of the main draws of new build homes for years, and with these new adjustments we may see a rise in DIY Design.

Check out these Architectural Design Company - SDA Architecture, who have done several conversions and designed stylish & creative New Build Homes.

New build homes are packed with potential; it’s just a case of letting that potential shine through. If you’re thinking of moving, maybe you shouldn’t be so dismissive of a new build when you’re considering your options. If you want to exert some creative control over its design without breaking the bank, or you want to release your inner interior designer, you might find that a new build home would be best for you. 
After all, it’s been proven time and time again that they’re not as drab and uninspiring to look at as you originally thought.

By What House  - a housing specialist that offer home buyers looking to purchase new-build homes in the UK everything they need to help their search including listings of hundreds of new homes and houses for sale, new affordable homes and new retirement property; daily news on new property developments, house builders and the new homes market.


Observations: Table Lamp Trends in 2013

I have been hunting for a good table lamp since days now and have been very confused as there are some amazing pieces out there! If you have the budget, you can get some fabulous stuff. Having a keen eye for design in general, I have noticed how The Table Lamp has changed trends since 2011/ 2012.

Below are a few observations I have made in the new trends of table lamps:

  • This year, I see more of earthy, rustic and simple tones as compared to metallic gold and silver from last year. Less of bling surely!
  • The colors are contrasting, it's almost like the color blocking of dresses. 
  • The bases are more geometric ranging from squares to rectangles to ovals.
  • If the base is simple, then the shade has to have a high contrasting color or a detailed pattern. If the shade is simple, then the base has to be creative.
  • There is a combination of Vintage + Modern
  • Plain glass base are the hottest now!

Sculptural Table Lamp by West Elm - Purchase it here
Shirley Fintz Table Lamp by West Elm - Purchase it here
Channel Ceramic Table Lamp by West Elm - Purchase it here

Silver Disc Lamp by Indigo Living - Purchase it here
Table Lamp Hamptons Black - Purchase it here

Celia Ribbed Mercury Glass Table Lamp Base by Pottery Barn - Purchase it here
Clift Seeded Glass Table Lamp by Pottery Barn - Purchase it here [I personally love these!]

Gold Patterned Lamp by Zara Home - Purchase it here [I like this one too!]
Openwork Silver Lamp by Zara Home - Purchase it here
Elephant Lamp by Zara Home - Purchase it here 

Or simply get into the Spring/ Summer mode and check out these Tulipanes & Mariposas lamp shades by Zara Home.


Macaron Love

Macaroons or Macaron - both are correct. One is the English way and the other French.
Macaron is a French/ Italian (origins are a bit confusing) delicacy, that is light, soft and creamy on the inside but crispy/ biscotti - like on the outside. It comes in different flavors and colors and is usually enjoyed during tea time.

Ingredients of a Macaron
The Macaron shells are made up of food coloring, ground almond (or almond powder), granulated sugar, icing sugar, and egg whites. The filling are of jam, buttercream, or ganache.

Laduree, the Parisian luxury pastry shop, invented the double decker macaron and the most famous Mickey Mouse Macaron.

The Mickey Mouse Macaron was made from three separate pastries: a large raspberry macaron for the head and smaller chocolate and vanilla macarons for the ears.

Another famous Parisian pastry chef, who is known for his exotic and bizarre flavor combination of macarons is Pierre Herme (who can make an olive oil and vanilla combination macaron?!)

(I love these different shaped Macarons with charms - Pierre Herme)

I particularly have only tried Fauchon in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, which I love and find extremely chic for chocolates, pastries, macaroons, breads and French cuisine (I love gifting people Fauchon), however I must visit the Laduree in Dubai Mall.

Locations in Dubai, UAE
Pierre Herme is located on the ground floor of Galleries Lafayette, Dubai Mall - it's a small yet stylish kiosk.
Laduree is located on Level 1, next to the Fashion Avenue, in Dubai Mall - it's a cafe and is an outlet by itself (+9714 339 8520)
Fauchon is located in the Fashion Dome section of Mall of the Emirates, Dubai on the ground floor (+9714 399 0289)

Fauchon In Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Pierre Herme in Dubai

Macaron inspired Fashion

Macaron Bag by Kenzo

Macaron Trinket Box by The Two's Company

Agree or Disagree?


My Buddy Pal

Blogging is tough and it's hard work, but it gives you a world of information (literally) and that's the best thing about it. Whilst browsing and researching, I came across this wonderful website of greeting cards, My Buddy Pal.

Artist Mike Murphy was inspired by his golden retriever Pal's, actions and thoughts and developed these set of greeting cards that are artistic, warm, humorous, thoughtful with some really creative illustrations. 

Having a pet myself, the website almost got me to tears and I'm surely recommending it to everyone I know. I could connect with it because now & then, I have one sided conversations with my Rock (Cocker Spaniel), that may seem two sided to me because I imagine his responses and thoughts and in return respond to them. 

I'm a total greeting card person and I don't know how the shipping works outside the United States, I'm surely going to check it out and I suggest you do the same - My Buddy Pal!


A Love Affair with Firenze

It's almost as if I have some unfinished business with Firenze.

I had only one day in the city and honestly, we decided to just go with the flow. So I cannot recommend any places or things to do than simply walk around & EXPLORE.

I absolutely loved Florence and it's in my repeat list of places to go to. There is something about the place that will make you forget about everything and fall in love with it.

I was told to take care of my belongings however, as soon as I stepped out of the train, I couldn't care less! There are such tiny lanes between buildings taking you to other tinier lanes and larger squares that getting lost is easy.

There's also lots of high street fashion stores and I wish I had more time because the collection looked simply amazing but we were very short on time.

Before going on our little trip, I did a bit of research and found that some of the most iconic fashion designers originate from Firenze and they include Roberto Cavalli, Gucci & Pucci!

No wonder it's my favorite destination so far and I can't wait to go back.

Roberto Cavalli -

Gucci was founded by an Italian Designer & Businessman, Guccio Gucci in 1921.

Pucci was founded by Emilio Pucci, a Florentine fashion designer & politician.

I love them all but do you have a favorite??


Photo Diary & things to do in Venice

San Marco Square - a must visit, walk around and enjoy the outlets, get some Gelato, shop, admire the Venetian masks (They are in every corner and expensive) and eat lots of Italian food:)

GELATO GELATO GELATO - Have lots of those, it's a tradition, you got to eat lots of Gelato and walk around.

Take a Gondola trip to Grand Canal & back - it's a must, some of the Gondola rowers whistle, sing songs and chit chat with the other rowers (I think you call them rowers!) The canals within canals within canals is just mesmerizing  there's something about that little Gondola trip that will always stay in your mind, we even saw an entire wedding on a gondola!

Rialto Bridge - Whilst walking around, you will come across the Rialto bridge (by itself, trust me), it takes you to the other side of Venice and again, there's a line of restaurants and cafes along the canal, very romantic (Sigh!).

Doge's Palace - Very historic, lovely architecture, then again Italy is full of history and architecture, the structures are very detailed and artistic everywhere and one's got to admire that.

Murano Factory - Venice is known for its glass factories, when taking the water taxi to Murano, you will come across many other such factories around Murano is the most popular and biggest with detailed craftsmanship  They are so quick with their work that it's almost automated! Very interesting!

Go to the Casino - Make sure you don't wear shorts and carry your passport. We weren't allowed because the men were wearing shorts/ slippers! And we didn't even carry our passports. We thought it's Venice and have a right to be laid back, but when there is a Casino, you gotta look a little presentable.

[It's been a super busy day today but blogging is more like 'me' time, so I have to make time for myself - Nishka xx]