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My Buddy Pal

Blogging is tough and it's hard work, but it gives you a world of information (literally) and that's the best thing about it. Whilst browsing and researching, I came across this wonderful website of greeting cards, My Buddy Pal.

Artist Mike Murphy was inspired by his golden retriever Pal's, actions and thoughts and developed these set of greeting cards that are artistic, warm, humorous, thoughtful with some really creative illustrations. 

Having a pet myself, the website almost got me to tears and I'm surely recommending it to everyone I know. I could connect with it because now & then, I have one sided conversations with my Rock (Cocker Spaniel), that may seem two sided to me because I imagine his responses and thoughts and in return respond to them. 

I'm a total greeting card person and I don't know how the shipping works outside the United States, I'm surely going to check it out and I suggest you do the same - My Buddy Pal!

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