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Amazing Asara

Asara Villa & Suite is a beautiful resort in Hua Hin and the drive is about 2 hours from main city, Bangkok.

Hua Hin is a beach town in Thailand the whole of Hua Hin is just one strip with many lanes and corners for it's beautiful properties and resorts. Asara is tucked away in one such lane.

As soon as you step into the resort, you don't have a choice but to simply relax. The lobby is impressive on a wooden deck and the villas are in the midst of large shaded trees and plantations, almost seeming like small jungle houses.

Huge wooden doors, outdoor shower and a private pool make Asara a typical Thai getaway, reminding you what Thailand is all about. We took the Private Pool Villa, although there are different room types to select from.

Our Villa had a decent size sitting area, bedroom, a huge bathroom with a bathtub, outdoor rain shower and a private pool with a patio area. 

There is a lovely quaint little health club and I went for a workout every morning, ending it with a coconut water and it seemed such a refreshing start to the day!

The spa is your typical Thailand spa (Fresh Aromas, Lemongrass Green Tea) with various treatment options and of course you should go for the Thai Massage. The breakfast served in the morning is lavish and by the pool. It's a great idea to go for a dip right after.

The highlight is the beach which is just a few walks from the poolside restaurant and you could sit hours sipping cocktails and enjoying the view. Lots of sunbeds, sofas and wooden benches around.

The only thing was because it's built like such a natural habitat and Hua Hin has a tropical weather, you will see many bugs and insects everywhere [It's everywhere in Hua Hin I think]. We had 2 lizards in our suite all the time [in the living area] and there were snails outside our door in the nights.  [My hubby seemed fine with it, of course I had my eyes everywhere looking out for them.] It could also be because the three days that we were there, it rained everyday.

Lastly, Asara arranges a shuttle to the Night Market (The other thing to see is the Market Village) during the evenings at scheduled times. The staff is around everywhere, so do check with them, it's something to do in the nights. And it's fun if you are into street shopping now & then.

All in all, Asara was a great experience, a typical Thai retreat, reasonably priced with staff who are friendly and attentive, willing to help you at any time.

[Sorry for the super late post but it's a crazy time at work & that's my bread & butter!]

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