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Photo Diary & things to do in Venice

San Marco Square - a must visit, walk around and enjoy the outlets, get some Gelato, shop, admire the Venetian masks (They are in every corner and expensive) and eat lots of Italian food:)

GELATO GELATO GELATO - Have lots of those, it's a tradition, you got to eat lots of Gelato and walk around.

Take a Gondola trip to Grand Canal & back - it's a must, some of the Gondola rowers whistle, sing songs and chit chat with the other rowers (I think you call them rowers!) The canals within canals within canals is just mesmerizing  there's something about that little Gondola trip that will always stay in your mind, we even saw an entire wedding on a gondola!

Rialto Bridge - Whilst walking around, you will come across the Rialto bridge (by itself, trust me), it takes you to the other side of Venice and again, there's a line of restaurants and cafes along the canal, very romantic (Sigh!).

Doge's Palace - Very historic, lovely architecture, then again Italy is full of history and architecture, the structures are very detailed and artistic everywhere and one's got to admire that.

Murano Factory - Venice is known for its glass factories, when taking the water taxi to Murano, you will come across many other such factories around Murano is the most popular and biggest with detailed craftsmanship  They are so quick with their work that it's almost automated! Very interesting!

Go to the Casino - Make sure you don't wear shorts and carry your passport. We weren't allowed because the men were wearing shorts/ slippers! And we didn't even carry our passports. We thought it's Venice and have a right to be laid back, but when there is a Casino, you gotta look a little presentable.

[It's been a super busy day today but blogging is more like 'me' time, so I have to make time for myself - Nishka xx]

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