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Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing BARCA & Las Ramblas!

So the first thing one does as soon as they arrive in Barcelona is head to Las Ramblas (of course after checking into your hotel) - Las Ramblas (pronounced 'la rambla') is the one of the key attractions of Barcelona - it's a street full of tourists, restaurants, bars & a lot of artists!

Having gone there twice in 3 days, there is something about the place, it's buzzing with tons of energy and the best way to soak in the atmosphere is just have a cup of coffee or grab a meal from one of the local cafes, sit outside and merely observe.

That's what Las Rambles is all about - walk a bit, shop from the kiosks run by the locals and get amused by the many artists and their little performances!

I don't recommend staying at Las Ramblas,  simply because of the noise/ drama, even though there are many hotels with great offers and also, not to waste a whole day just being there as there's lot MORE to see in beautiful Barcelona!!

Ohhh and take care of that wallet! 

At your own risk!

Man Horse? Man on a horse?

Umbrella Girl? Cabaret Girl?

The busy couple?


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