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The Beauty of Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, like many other tourist attractions in Barelona, is a must visit for anyone! A huge Roman Catholic church, designed by Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia is quite an extraordinary structure, extremely beautiful and full of powerful and positive energies.

A bit Gothic in design, the detailing of each and every aspect of the church, from the roof to the doors to the inside structure, is just brilliant - one can only wonder what was going on behind the master mind's brains to design something so delicate and yet so strong, to make it last for generations to come

Don't forget to buy your tickets much in advance as there's a long queue at the entrance!

Here is a string concept of the design - it defies the law of gravity - where the strings are the pillars.

Working area of Gaudi, his last days were spent here - it's still kept intact after so many

Some pictures of the entrance and the inside structure - the detailing is jaw - dropping!

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