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Things to do in Bangkok in 2 days

Sorry for the late post, however it's a crazy time at work and we barely have any family time for ourselves this festive season!

So here are a list of things that one should do in Bangkok, especially if it is a super short trip like ours.

Go to one of the malls like MBK Mall for cheap shopping. Everyone says MBK is not great but we got a lot of T-shirts and track pants and pajamas for Yoga and Work outs - there are a few house hold things here and there, although if you are looking for a few-times wear clothes, then MBK is a shopping paradise.

Floating Market is a must simply because the whole concept of shopping in a floating market is quite an amusing one - however, for me, the more amusing thing was how 'brown'/ polluted the water was and yet, there seemed to be hundreds of people wanting to visit it. The hawkers/ stall owners actually live there. Also, it closes by afternoon, so the best time to go there is in the morning or early afternoon and remember to BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN! (BTW we saw a chameleon, fully grown, half a meter away from our boat and were amazed and a bit frightened too!)

Go for an Elephant ride, there is a National park right next to the floating market. I love Elephants, although I was nervous and excited to sit right in the middle of two, by myself.

Go to one of the amazing beautiful serene Buddha temples - we went to Wat Pho (The Reclining Buddha Temple), one of the largest Buddha temples in Bangkok.

Enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok - try the go-go bars and clubs and all 'fun' that's a one - time watch, only in Bangkok. I don't find it the best simply because I have seen and there is better, although there seems to be much hype around it.

Also, we had hired a driver, rather than using the Tuk Tuk everywhere from this agency called Bangkok Beyond and we had a very humble down to earth driver, who knew Bangkok very well, English speaking and the most amusing part about him was his name - Mr. No and we being Indians, everything ended with a 'know?'.

Do share with me your experiences in Bangkok, lots of lovely Thai food and simply RELAX & ENJOY - that's what Far East is all about.
Wat Pho - The reclining Buddha temple

Wat Pho

Mr No

Floating Market

Floating Market  - the houses!

in a TUK TUK - We had to let go of Mr No

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