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Don't be hesitant of Kashmir

The less I write the better. That's right, the valley of Kashmir is not just a region of Jammu & Kashmir but it's a beautiful paradise, an uncut diamond and a hidden gem. 

It's beautifully situated somewhere in the Himalayas with clear blue skies, tall trees and snow covered mountains. It's got picture perfect nature, deep forests, gorgeous hilltops, colorful houses with walnut wood interiors, house boats and uber rich embroidery and handicrafts. Oh yes, and don't forget the wholesome dry fruits and rich brilliant shawls and Pashminas. [You guessed it, I went overboard with my shopping!]

Kashmiri food in rich in various spices and full of color with main dishes of mutton (red meat), chicken, spinach and lotus stem. The most popular drink is Kahwah, which is their aromatic herbal green tea preparation with ingredients of green tea leaves, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and crushed almonds. It is usually served with either sugar or honey.

The people are extremely warm, helpful and friendly. The political situation in Kashmir is what makes it a hesitant travel destination for many travelers but I will surely recommend everyone to visit it once, primarily Gulmarg, to see how its beauty takes over all the past disturbances.  

Yes, skip the city, look past the armed forces and visit Srinagar only in the day but surely stay a couple of days in Gulmarg - get adventurous with snowmobiles/ skiing and let the sheer nature and it's simple beauty completely engulf you.

I have finally found my much loved destination and more coming up on where to stay, THE Khyber Resort, things to do and best months to visit.

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