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Travel to Gulmarg in Feb - Number one location for Ski Enthusiasts

One has to travel to Gulmarg in February because of it's beautiful snow covered roads and mountains and the scenic view of white tipped Himalayas as the backdrop. We witnessed snowfall and it was absolutely heavenly.

Gulmarg takes about 90 minutes to reach from the main city of Srinagar, with the breaks in between and an exchange point for cars at Tanmarg. And the road towards Gulmarg, from Tanmarg, is nothing less than a Desert Safari, especially when it's snowing. It's bumpy but whole lots of fun and the white tall trees look like something out of a fairy tale.

The best months to visit Gulmarg is from December to February to witness snowfall and during the months of March/ April, one can see a bit of snow around but hardly any snowfall.

There's lots to do in Gulmarg, from skiing, going crazy on the snow bikes and snow mobiles or walking at the peak of Phase 1. We couldn't do Phase 2 because of the heavy fog around and snowfall but were absolutely impressed by Phase 1 with small little cafes right on top serving food and drinks. Although all you can think of, in that cold, is Kahwah or a cup of steaming hot coffee! The only way to get to Phase 1 & 2 is through the Gondola and here is the website of the Gulmarg Gondola.

"One of the main attractions in Gulmarg is the Gulmarg Gondola, the Highest Cable Car in the world. The 1st phase of the Gondola takes tourists to the height of 8530 ft to Kongdori Station and the second stage of the Gondola goes up to the height of 12293 ft".

There are skiing classes and guides if you are a newcomer to the sport and don't worry, everyone's lovely and helpful to make sure your trip back down from Phase 1 is as memorable and safe as possible. (We came back down on the snow bikes, skidding on the ice!)

After the Gondola ride, 8530 ft high at the Kongdori Statio

The restaurant at Phase 1

Vegetarian & Gain Food (LOVE IT!)

At the beginning of the Gondola ride


I said it was a bumpy ride, eh?

 Get the right gears - photos taken from The North Face

The Northface is the way to go when planning a trip to Kashmir from Dec to Feb.

For those concerned on safety issues, here is an article from The Guardian on how Kashmir is back on the tourist map for travelers and is surely a number one location for professional and amateur skiers

Next Post on where to stay in Gulmarg - my favorite bit!

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